BH Cosmetics is quite a very underrated brand in the YouTube world but I personally adore this brand.  Kicking off my makeup journey; I got most of my entry level eyeshadow palettes and brushes from them. I recently got sent their Pro Beauty Sponge from Original Cosmetics ng. I have been wanting something close enough to the original beauty blender for  ages but never found a close dupe, I have tried my fair share of beauty sponges and feel but the BH Cosmetics beauty sponge is as close as it gets. Let’s see how this worked for me!




Instructions and Claims

Directions: Run the sponge under water and squeeze, making sure it’s fully saturated. Once fully saturated, the sponge will expand. Squeeze the sponge to remove excess water and lightly dry it with a towel. Your sponge is now ready to use! For best results, clean the sponge after each use.


  • Latex Free
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Odor Free
  • Reusable
  • Wet or Dry Application
  • Vegan

I love the feel of the beauty sponge but when dry its quite hard and does not absorb product as much as when dampened, I prefer using when it is damp. I love how it blends and it doesn’t soak up foundations so you don’t waste products when using this beauty blender. I also enjoy using it to blend out my under eye concealer and applying setting powder. Its a pretty awesome tool if i could use it to apply eyeshadow i would lol…

I personally prefer my beauty tools to be black/grey themed cos they don’t show off over use as fast but searching online this comes in purple color (that’s the only color I have seen), It is slightly prone to tear easily so one has to be extra careful when washing it.

You can purchase this beauty sponge here for N3600, it is definitely a steal!


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