Happy New Month SsQqUuAaDddd!!! I’m so glad the year is rolling on, I need my summer to be here. Today I would be reviewing these BlushKrush Cosmetics Versablush Highlighter in the shade ‘paparazzi’. Sadly I got sent duplicate shades but they do come in two  shades which are Paparazzi ‘peach toned’ and Hollywood ‘Champagne gold’.BlushKrsuh Cosmetics is a new generation Nigerian beauty brand that launched late last year. They kicked off with trio eyeshadows, lip velvets and versablushers which are unique at the same time trendy. I love this brand from their product branding down to their packaging. I was actually excited when I got the PR package it came packed beautifully with matte black shredded paper,  aesthetic appeal YASS!!!. Not many brands go into the detailing of their packages.

blushkrush cosmetics


They come in plastic circular compacts with 5g of products. Versablushers are versatile blushes that can be worn as a blush and highlight duo and it can also be worn as an eyeshadow. They are shimmery in texture but very smooth almost buttery. They are pigmented and also give off a reflective glare like highlighters would. The shade ‘paparazzi’ is a peach toned color sort of reminds me of Jackie Aina (Jackie, jackie, jackie…..). It complements all tones perfectly because of the slight warmness.

blushkrush cosmetics

blushkrush cosmetics


These Versablushers are perfect for everyone would not be too much for a daily routine to work or class. It’s just the perfect amount of OOMF! for a girl who isn’t on the blinding train. They retail for N4,500 which is a decent range for the product. You can purchase here

blushkrush cosmetics

What do you think of this brand and product? I want to know your thoughts. And who is liking my new photo background? Should I share the deets?

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