Hello beauty lovers, I received a bunch of new products and also bought a few more earlier this month which I have been testing out. One of my new year resolutions was to try out more Nigerian brands. Hence, why I am reviewing a concealer from the Nigerian brand, House of Tara today. I picked up this Pro concealer from a distributor so it was very convenient.

Before I proceed on this review, I want to address the issue of poor brand marketing. I didn’t even know this product ever existed. I am not sure it is a new release, or if it has been around for a while. Nigerian brands need to jump on the e-purchase set up and better marketing strategies. There has always difficulty in getting to know products, shade ranges and prices and this should not be so. We are in 2018 and  most especially not with a big brand like House of Tara PLEASE HAVE A FUNCTIONING WEBSITE.



House of Tara


I was running low on concealers and decided to pick up a whole bunch at once from different brands. One of which was the House of Tara ProConcealer in the shade (07). It comes in 7 shades as stated on the House of Tara website. This concealer reminds me of LA GIRL PRO CONCEAL, from packaging to brush on applicator. This concealer is matte and very full coverage. It does not dry down immediately so you have just about a good time to blend. It conceals everything from hyper pigmentation to acne scarring!

I compared it to some of my tested and tried concealers

House of Tara


It contains 9g of product as compared to the LA girl 8g and retails for N1,800. I would highly recommend this concealer especially if you are on a budget, It is affordable!

What is one product you would recommend for me to try from House of Tara?

See you in my next post!

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