Hey guys, It’s been forever since I reviewed a product on here. I’m not even sure if I still got it in me but lets give it a try, shall we? I received the most thoughtful PR package sometime last week from on of my favorite, minimalist brand BLUSHKRUSH. Did I tell you they also put in a bar of chocolate… fitfam where?

I got introduced to this brand last year when they sent me an initial PR package which you can catch up on here, here and here.


Let us just start with the packaging, the matte black colour, minimal style is a win-win, reminds me of MAC COSMETICS packaging. Upon application it was love at first sight, from the applicator itself to the formula. The Uniqueness of the shade BETTY BOO, this red would without a doubt flatter all skin tones. It’s a blue toned shade and dries matte but does not feel matte.

There is  a very slight scent, not disturbing and it goes away fast. I love this lipstain because it does not wear off.  Lots of lipstains claim endless hours of wear once you eat, you begin to doubt if you actually wore a lipstain prior. After eating with this one and it was still there.

I love the the price point N3300  which is a decent price point for the kind of lipstain you are getting.  This lipstain from Blushkrush cosmetics would easily compete by far with most high-end lippies and even my favorite red.


This is different in size, packaging and formula from the Versa Blushers. This is more of a pressed Highlight and the shade ‘GOLD PLATED’ is a close realistic dupe for Trophy wife

They are the Icy Hi Voltage Highlighters which can be worn on the cheeks, lips and eyes. They retail for N5000 each which is a very decent amount for the size and quality of product you are getting. The highlighter melts right into your skin like butter and reflects like a 1000watts. So i must warn you, if you have no home training….flee (just kidding!)

You can purchase directly from their Instagram account here.

What do you guys think of the products? Worth your coins or nah?

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