Hey guys, with only 10 days to the end of 2017 I decided to do a short recap on my faves  Best beauty purchases of 2017 which are my holy grail beauty products I have used this year. I am gradually easing into becoming a full blown blogger/Youtuber but sadly my bank account is not having my back sucksss! So out of the products I purchased/tried

this year, I am putting together a few that made me extremely happy and I recommend for you to try out. A couple of these brands are based in Nigeria and a couple are international, I tried to have a fair share so everyone could have a piece!

The Ordinary Full Coverage Foundation

This foundation impressed me for the price and it is really the perfect match to my skin with red undertone which is hard to find as most foundations that run deep, run with golden undertone. You can read a full in-depth review and purchase here


Uberchicville Glitters

These was my first go to brand when trying out glitter and they didn’t disappoint. I have purchased glitters from a couple of brands and I have barely reached out for them because they just don’t co-operate either they are too chunky or they crease out on my lid after a while. If I would recommend anyone to try out this would be te brand. They have both loose and pressed forms, if you are a beginner, stick to the pressed ones way less messier. I also reviewed this on the blog earlier, so you can read an in-depth review and see more swatches here

ubc 3


I’m wearing ‘skyfall’

 Zaron Hyper Blush Range

This has been my staple blush, it looks like a bright color for a dark skinned melanin goddess but you can go very light handed, The blush range has 4 shades, I’m really dying to try the shade ‘Mud fest’ its a more bronzy brown blush; but this shade is ‘Siren’ which I am still totally in love with, it also double as an eyeshadow so it’s a win-win!


3. Zikel Cosmetics Glow kit: I really love this glow kit because it has 4 golden shades and only retails for N3000. The packaging is very sturdy and the pans are magnetic too. The shades are pigmented enough and show up on all skin tones but for an extra intensity if you are like me, a little wetting of your brush with fix plus would get you there! If you would love to read a more in-depth review and see swatches, click here


Colourpop Yes Please Palette

This definitely had to make the list! This palette is everything you need and more except it doesn’t have a mirror. Other than that the color pay off, color scheme, compact sizing is a win-win-win! If you are sort of a sunset girl, bronze-coppery or even gold, you would definitely fall in love with this bad boy! Although you would experience a lil kick back with the matte with the  dark brown and red matte shades, other than that it is perfect. I also reviewed this a couple of weeks back, read here

beauty purchase


Colourpop No filter Concealer

I think I saved the best of my beauty purchases for last, this concealer is the next best thing after the L A pro conceal only that it really is light weight as the L.A pro conceal is off a thicker/heavier consistency. I compared both brands here20171104404171233-01

I do have a couple more beauty purchases that I love but I picked my top 6 which was quite hard. You can definitely also check out THE MAKEUP REVOLUTION LUXURY BANANA POWDER, THE ORDINARY SILICON ADHERENCE PRIMER, THE EWARONKEPRO PALETTE. They also made my year!

Thank you for reading, comment down your best product of 2017!

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