Hello guys, I’m sure everyone is itching to know what chapter10 is … Toke has been someone I have followed almost religiously I just love her bubbly personality, I used to watch her YouTube Vlogs, they just made me laugh and how she had the mindset of a ‘typical’ African girl and all that, Hearing her relationship fiasco (10 years), her ‘secret wedding’, I could have sworn there was more to this.

Hellurr your vlogs and wedding didn’t match up, then there came the break up and BOOM … ears to the ground! Nigerians like gist and Toke delivers gist, Let’s see what her book was all about and how I feel about it…Honestly felt sad about the loss of her parents, no child or human has to go through that and we all process pain and  grieve differently, I do not judge how she chose to handle her grieve, It could be worse.

Live for the future not the past; we humans go through a lot and life is what we make of it. Let’s live for the result and not the past.

You can’t change people, don’t even try. If a person has not decided within him/her to live a different life, you’re just going to waste your time.

Age difference and self-confidence. I am not a relationship expert or professional but I feel we should all evaluate what we can handle 9-12 years age difference is quite a lot, (Uncle bae?) some people can handle communication and confidence regardless and some cannot.

Self Love, regard your own well-being, happiness and sanity

Read between the lines and see the signs, Maje’s constant unexplainable disappearance and statements from his own mother and sister, we don’t need a prophet.

I am not entirely happy, 95% of the book was MAJE MAJE MAJE… I would have loved to see more about her personal growth, career growth and development. I mean graduating with a 2:2 and yet rising to be one of the top OAP’s in Nigeria and an international celebrity. The book was basically MAJE X TOKE relationship banter, except where she concluded the book in the  last  two chapters , about letting go and healing

I do not get the level of depth she wanted to create – “In the beginning you’ll be mad, you’ll feel disrespected, hatred is your fuel and revenge becomes the mission. But as time progresses, so will your numbness, and then you’ll realise, the hurt you feel has blessed you tremendously” – Toke Makinwa. Let your imaginations run, that’s your chapter 10.

All in all for sharing her story, It would probably help woman who are in emotionally abusive relationships.

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