I was excited when I got a message from Evita Joseph to expect a PR package. This is a brand I really admire. I got to know about their brand from their popular Liptended (lipstains). I received their newly launched brush set (salted collection) and the Expert browliner in the shades ’02-perfect chocolate’ and ’03- Rich Espresso’

I would be reviewing the brushes individually and the set as a whole because it retails as a set as well as individually.
The 9pcs Salted Brush Collection is a specialty collection. It consists of 2face brushes, 1 Multi Face Buffer and 6 Eye Brushes.The brush came in a mesh bag with each brush individually wrapped to protect the bristles from damage and stain. The brush retails for GH₵300.00 (24,000 naira) quite a bargain for what you are getting. The grip and the handle of the brushes are sturdy and they look well made. It would not slip out of your hand or peel off or anything absurd!
Evita Joseph

Individual Review of the Evita Joseph Brushes

Evita Joseph Brushes – Face Brushes

G105 Face Paint for the application of cream foundation, moisturizer and primer – Personally I do not like to use paint-like brushes as I’m more of a buffing brush or beauty blender for my foundation application. But I use this to initially apply my foundation evenly before I buff it in. Major pro to this product is that it does not soak up too much product.
G125 Classic Highlight for application of blushes, bronzers and highlighters – This is my favorite as it evenly distributes the highlight and melts it into your skin! I can’t even describe the process, it’s like magic. The bristles are just perfect; not to scanty or too dense, just the right amount.
Evita Joseph
Brushes L-R: G105 Face Paint, G125 Classic Highlight
Evita Joseph
G125 Classic Highlight

Evita Joseph Brushes – Eye Brushes

G325 Multi Buffer – I use this to apply liquid illuminators and under eye concealers. It is perfect for getting into the corners of the face. I wouldn’t recommend this for eye shadow because the bristles are dense, but for priming the lid it would be perfect too.
G220 Classic Crease – This is more of a dense crease brush when compared to the Deluxe crease. It is used for building up transition colours in the crease and spreading it, you have lesser control compared to the Precision Crease brush.
G240 Precision Crease – This brush is more narrowed and concise for specific colour placement and blend in the crease, you have maximum control with application
G235 Deluxe Crease – General blending of crease colour and diffusing the eye shadows together.
G300 Flat Edge  – I use this to carve out brows and cut creases and literally anything that requires carving out.
G280 Fluffy Blender – Used for blending out colours, smoking out shadows
G275 Deluxe Blender – Used for blending out colours, smoking out shadows with more control.
Evita Joseph
Brushes L-R: G300 Flat Edge, G240 Precision Crease, G220 Classic Crease

Evita Josephl

Brushes L-R: G235 Deluxe Crease, G280 Fluffy Blender, G275 Deluxe Blender, G325 Multi Buffer

Final Thoughts of the Evita Joseph Brushes

This is a well thought collection. No collection can be a 100% perfect to anyone. I would have like a few swaps with the brushes as there is no shader brush for packing on eyeshadow to the lid. A previous collection from the Evita Joseph has this and their brushes are sold individually. I would highly recommend this brush to anyone. Whether starting out as a makeup enthusiast or building a professional kit, you’ll need this.
It can be purchased in Nigeria at Beauty Kink!


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