Hey beauty familia, when I tell you the Nigerian beauty industry is not smiling, better take my word for it and jump on the train with me, I discovered this brand ‘Ewaronke’  on my explore page and they recently just launched their line with a lot of new new yet trendy products from brow pencil, gel liner, eyeshadow palette and liquid illuminators. The moment they followed my on my social media I was so excited to unravel, discover and share with you! Among the products they sent me is this ‘Twinkle and Glitz 35 pro eyeshadow palette’ a mouthful, ikr! which I would be reviewing for you.


First off I must say is; this brand extra bubble wrapped everything, so there is no breakage irrespective of your location by mishandling or shipping. I love the black packaging of the palette, y’all know how messy makeup application can be. The palette comes with 35 amazing pans of which there are 8 pressed glitters, 6 shimmer shades, 8 semi-shimmer shades and 13 matte shades.



The reason I love the Ewaronke twinkle and glitz  palette is that it is definitely a stand-alone-palette (meaning that you can create multiple eye looks without having to reach for another palette for crease/transition colour or brow bone highlight). This palette has everything from warm neutrals to cool toned crease colors to fiery pinks, yellow and orange alongside duo chromatic pressed glitter! What’s not to love? If you travel a lot, or as a makeup artist just need that 1 palette you can trust to deliver any weather or any skin tone with endless possibilities, this is it!ewaronke

Here are swatches of my favorite shades

Of course all textures in the Ewaronke twinkle and glitz palette do not show up the same way, the pressed glitter are perfect on the lids without any glitter glue and they are not chunky and also there is barely any fall out, also the shimmer shades are very intense and can be further intensified by wetting your shadow brush with setting spray, I also love the semi-shimer shades as well; they can be used as transition shades as they are more pigmented than most of the pure matte shades, but the mattes here are litt!  They may need a little boosting with a good eyeshadow base or concealer on your lids, but they have worn better than a lot of mattes I have encountered in large palettes like this (compared to BH Cosmetics and Morphe palettes)

Here is a look I created with the palette


Price: N9,000

Purchase: Ewaronkepro

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