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FENTY SKIN REVIEW (Total Cleans’r, Fat Water & Hydra Vizor)

If you’ve not heard of Fenty Skin already, you definitely have been living under a rock! Fenty Skin is the hottest new skincare range from pop icon Rihanna. Building on the success of her popular Fenty Beauty makeup line.

She debuted this launch with a Start’rs set featuring a thorough 3-step skincare routine for all skin types and tones. Each product claims to: be multi-tasking, easy to use and work well underneath Fenty Beauty makeup. Fenty Skin is not drugstore price point as she already established with her makeup line so I waited for her to launch the mini version which I knew she would.


Rihanna’s starter routine for your best skin in three simple steps: Cleanse, tone and hydrate with SPF to get better, brighter skin and snatch pores and dark spots. Every multi-tasking product is like 2-in-1. This clinically proven 3-step is designed to work better together. Brighten, target pores and dark spots, and hydrate and protect skin.

  • CLEANSE: Total Cleans’r gets you the delicious deep clean you deserve: Fenty Skin’s universal creamy cleanser removes dirt, oil, and longwear makeup without stripping or drying. Barbados cherry and coconut-derived cleansers nourish and treat skin right.
  • TONE: Fat Water is the do-it-all toner serum combo that targets pores, improves the look of dark spots, brightens, smooths, and fights shine—all without stripping skin. Rihanna calls it “fat” because of its unique thick texture that absorbs instantly.
  • PROTECT + HYDRATE: Hydra Vizor is 2-in-1 sunscreen-moisturizer that’s lightweight, oil free, and truly invisible on all skin tones. It claps back at dehydration, discoloration, and dark spots. And plays well with makeup, too: Zero flashback. Bonus, it’s refillable!



The Fenty Skin cleanser smells like cherries and coconuts and has a distinct pink shade. Personally, I LOVE the smell reminds me of lavender dreams. I know some people hate fragrance in skincare or are sensitive to it, but I didn’t react to it.

If you’re worried about the fragrance aspect, it doesn’t matter so much if cleansers are fragranced, as you only put them on your face for a short amount of time before washing them off.

The Total Cleans’r is very creamy and rich even just a little bit of water really turns this product into a lather. It feels gentle and hydrating on the skin.

Although Fenty Skin says the Total Cleans’r can be used day and night, I’d use this more as a morning cleanser or as the second cleanse in my double cleanse routine. I find cleansing oils and balms easier to use to remove makeup, SPF and dirt. You’ll need with this cleanser to properly remove makeup.


This is a toner-serum hybrid that claims to improve the look of dark spots, brighten, smooth and fight shine, without stripping skin.

As well as refining the look of pores, Fat Water is supposed to help with oil control and even out the skin’s tone and texture. This will be down to the witch hazel and niacinamide being high up the ingredient list, which is a powerhouse ingredient that helps reduce the look of dark spots, even skin tone, and fight excess shine.

This product definitely lives up to the name ‘Fat Water’, too. The consistency is like a thick gel, which isn’t as runny as traditional toners or serums.

It’s extremely satisfying to use as it’s very cooling on the skin. Although it contains fragrance – cherries and figs – it’s the weakest scent out of the entire skincare line and disappears almost immediately after applying it.

So far, Fat Water hasn’t improved the appearance of my pores. Maybe I will see these benefits with continued long-term use, though. I think it’s slightly helped with oil control overall and maybe a bit with my skin’s brightness too.

Overall, I think Fat Water is reasonable, but nothing ground-breaking. I might see more results with sustained use, but I think this product would definitely be more beneficial for people with particularly oily skin or black people as it helps target dark spots.


Importantly, this SPF/moisturizer combo also promises to work well underneath makeup, allowing for effortless application.

I absolutely love the Hydra Vizor. It’s truly lightweight on the skin and after you’ve applied it, you’d hardly know it was there. Although it’s lightweight and non-greasy, I still find it delivers enough hydration to the skin to stop me for reaching for another moisturizer.

I can confirm it works well underneath makeup, too. It’s so lightweight that makeup glides over the top effortlessly.

Overall it’s a good set, I would definitely recommend the Cleans’r as a morning cleanser, the fat water for oily skin and the hydra vizor for every one. What would you be purchasing?

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