Fourthray good gel moisturizer


Happy New Month!!! I am a huge, huge fan of a Fourthray Beauty. I mean they  are the sister brand to Colourpop Cosmetics. They basically offer affordable skincare products that doesn’t not break the bank. I basically have quite a number of their products and I love every one of them, not one problem of which I would be reviewing during the course of the year. The Fourthray Beauty Good Gel Moistorizer is an oil-free, gel moisturizer that drenches skin with a burst of hydration. Formulated with a comforting combination of Watermelon Seed, Rose Water, Hyaluronic Acid, and Marshmallow Extract, Good Mood caresses skin to soften and retain moisture. 


First of all, can we take a minute to talk about the packaging? Fourthray Beauty has this pastel pink theme going on, very minimal yet aesthetically pleasing. The moisturizer comes in a cup/tub and has a seal to prevent it from drying out. It contains 1.7oz of product which is very generous for the price point.

I really like using gel moisturizers because they don’t over-hydrate the skin or make it look greasy. This moisturizer isn’t mattifying, so there is a slight shine/glow from this product, but it looks more like a healthy glow than an oil slick.

I was pleasantly surprised by how soft this made my skin feel! I felt like it also helped calm my skin and even my skin tone.  I must say the smell of watermelon is very present, so if you get nauseous or don’t like watermelon scents you should stay away.

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