house of wey lashes


Hey Beauties!

Me + false lashes equals Bonnie & Clyde. I literally can’t live without them. I guess I’m real lash addict or maybe just a makeup lover in general. That’s why I was really excited when House of Wey lashes sent me this PR and it included two styles from their range.


House of wey is a indie Nigerian brand who has debuted with release of lashes, they have about four styles of lashes which all range from N3000 to N3,500. The lashes are made of natural and synthetic fibers, these cruelty-free lashes are lightweight making them perfect for a super natural look, stacking, and all-day comfort. Designed by Weyinmi Omagbemi to be the most beautiful lashes you will ever wear. These Lashes can be used multiple times, depending on care.

house of wey lashes

house of wey lashes

This is in the style ‘TONIA’; very flirty and everyday wearable well for me I want to describe it as bold in a sutle way because of the spaces /gap in between each lash clump. It’s not over powering on any eye look and still lets the eye lid show

house oof wey lashes

Style NO 2; this one came with no name but she’s hella dramatic! I’ll wear this when I have minimal eye shadow work just to let the lash style do it’s thing.

       That’s it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed reading about these lashes, I know it’s not so in-depth as my other reviews but I just really wanted to share these good find! If you’re wondering how I’m doing: I’m doing great. I’m just really happy that I have a little bit of free time to do stuff that I love once again blogging. It’s pretty refreshing. Only thing that I still need to work on is sleeping. I need to start sleeping way more than I do now, as my sleeplessness is beginning to affect my health and productivity during the day!

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