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For many of us, we struggle with being content creator consistently with a full time job. Nearing the end of the Government imposed lock-down, which implies a lot of us bloggers would be going back to our full time 9-5 from tomorrow.

I started my blog in my 3rd year whilst studying one of the most difficulty courses ‘ARCHITECTURE’. If we are being honest there was never a free moment for me.
 In the course of 5 years I have finished my Undergratuate studies, Post graduate studied which lasted two years and landed a  post as a design architect  for one of the top 10 interior design firms in the country…

I think one of the questions I get asked the most are to do with time management when it comes to how I juggle content creation and other full jobs (interior design and social media management), so I thought I’d dedicate a full post on the topic. I must warn you, I had to give up some part of my social life for this…

Bulk Shoot; Bulk Edit

I call this the BSBE method. If we are being real, It’s pretty much impossible to take photos when  you work full time (other than the odd Instagram stories of your day to day activities), plus it’s a lot of work making everything look right and aesthetically pleasing. Organizing all your props, lights and products etc. So just do yourself a favour and take all your content at once. I usually have my product shot ready a month ahead, so I get to edit in my free time as the month progresses. For my Instagram videos, I shoot on weekends and I have the content ready for the week. De-simplifying your tasks reduces the stress off you and also ensures you always have something to post.


Scheduling is your best friend because  trust me in your day to day activities, you’ll get caught up and forget to post.  Why I love scheduling is that only does it mean your posts go up at the same time on the same days of the week, but it allows you to write content (Blogpost & captions) in advance. For me, setting aside a few hours a day every weekend to take new content. I choose this day around my life schedule because on Saturday and Sunday mornings are one of my most rested morning where I’m not rushing to beat Lagos traffic. Also, I use my nights on weekends to write out blog posts or edit videos, sometimes it  spreads into a few nights on weekdays but when it does, I’m not overwhelmed. I use apps like Planoly and UNUM to schedule my Instagram posts.

Make use of every minute

One major hack to being a content creator consistently with a full time job is every minute counts. Whether it’s editing some photos in traffic, writing the text for captions or posts I am always doing something. Thank God, I don’t drive yet, I carpool with a colleague. So every free minute I have counts for something. Maybe it’s because I’m workaholic.

Find the tools that work for you

Putting a pen to paper works for some people while generating ideas. I personally make my to-do lists on my iPhone since 99% of the time I’m always with it. This way I can email it to myself if I need to.  Invest in apps and planners that keep track of everything, otherwise you’ll just end up overwhelmed and overstretched! People underestimate the amount of work that goes into content creation. Not to mention all of the variables we have to consider. If you try to manage everything in your head (on top of all of your work-related stresses), you will burn out. For my interior work, I use a collaborating app called ‘MONDAY’. Other apps that you can use are ASANA AND SLACK…
Always have a backup plan
Ok, so you can’t plan for every possible contingency, but you can try! I always have a images saved from Pinterest that go with my feed  in case I can’t get my planned blog post together in time. These are perfect for more  lifestyle themed posts.
Check out my other tips for content creators here.
How do you fit blogging in around your schedule?


    • Thank you for leaving a comment, people don’t realize how long we spend commuting especially if you live in a mega city like Lagos. I’m glad found it useful…

  1. Hi!
    Glad I came across this, which of the apps will you recommend for IG scheduling?
    I just searched Planoly on playstore and there are so many negative reviews.
    Can I use apps like buffer and hootsuite for IG?

    • I have used UNUM, Planoly & Later. You can pick any from these, they also help you plan your feed if you’re an aesthetically inclined person. Hope you’re subscribed to my Creator’s news letter, I have special tips and tricks I share on there.

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