I came across this phone on my quest of finding a ‘blogger worthy’ phone without breaking the bank. The Infinix Hot 3 came though for me; three months down the line I am thankful I got it. I purchased it from a phone store at Glass House Ikeja, Lagos. Before I went to get it I tried buying online from Konga and Jumia and they only had the 1GB ram. I just felt why go for this when you can get a bigger ram with only I little extra cash. I needed this phone to the full capacity.


So I went in search of the phone INFINIX HOT 3. And I found the 2GB ram for 33,500 which I bought in Gold. Immediately I bought a phone case and screen guard because this girl had been without a smart phone for over 7 months and I was not going to let anything happen to my new baby.

Funny enough it came with a 16 GB memory and I do not have a memory card in it.

Now let me get down to the details which made me fall in love with it.

  • It comes with some pre-installed apps (Whatsapp, BBM, Twitter,Facebook….)
  • It has so much memory for a lot of apps. After purchase I have downloaded so much more (Uber, Yahoomail, Airbrush, Snapseed). One problem I had with my previous tablets… there was not enough space so I was always shuttling with two tabs; one had my social media and business apps the other had my photography apps.
  • Camera quality: Getting good photos is about playing with angles and lighting. This phone happens to have one of the best phone cameras that I have tried. The front camera has a flash light which further enhances your picture quality and the back camera is amazing. Here are some pictures I took with the phone.
  • The battery life. I do not have a power bank and this phone never dies, even on days I go out without the battery being fully charged. It takes me through most of the day.

Price Rating: 4.8/5

Quality Rating: 4.7/5

Would I advise you to get this phone:



I think one major thing Bloggers battle with is storage space because we have so much applications we need daily (Photography apps, blogging apps, journal and reminders). This phone would not disappoint you.

Secondly is battery life… this phone at 100% takes me throughout my day filled with bbm, whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat.

They have released newer upgrades since, But this is still a very good phone.

Here are some of the pictures I took with the phone without editing





Would love to hear your thoughts? Do you like my new blogging style or would you like me to stick to just my same ol’ fashion OOTD’s?







  1. Okay i had to read this because i need a phone and now its a little convincing but what would you say about later versions of the model? I want to get a budget friendly blogger phone asap.. My samsung s5 is killing me!

    • Yes, I have not tried out the later versions tho. You can try them out at phone stores and see. I think they have Zero 3, Hot s, Note 3. I really can’t keep up with their models. But it’s worth looking into trust me.

    • yes, the camera quality in daylight is pretty decent, then shooting with HDR even makes it so much better.Minimal editing afterwards, which I barely even do these days, and your pictures are bomb as hell!

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