I don’t know if you have noticed (you definitely have) but I have just recently been obsessed with the color Khaki I can’t stop buying it, I have issues and I need to know, is it okay to be clad head to toe in Khaki, I’m yet to find the perfect Khaki foot wears but when I do, I would give it a go!

Anyway, seen that I love it the most at the moment I thought I would do a post dedicated to my color of the moment and truly indulge in some khaki lovin’. Earlier in the year one of my major wardrobe resolution was to detox and have more neutral and staple pieces (less patterned and prints). The major goal was building a perfect working class wardrobe as my uni days were over last year. Hence, I am shopping with that deliberate gravitation in mind! Hope I don’ get bored! Most of the pieces were picked up from Nigerian retailers, find them linked!




Top: Andrias world

Skirt: Debras Grace

Sunnies: To save Express

Shoes: Nine West

Have a productive week!

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