We all know how important it is for doctors and nurses to wear gloves, when treating a patient. These Disposable Gloves are called medical gloves; they help health care workers to restrict spreading of germs and diseases. Read on to know more about various types of medical gloves available.

Importance of wearing medical gloves while treating patients cannot be denied. Gloves act as a protective barrier that prevents spreading of contamination from patients to healthcare worker’s hand. It also helps the health sector employees to further cut down the spreading of germs and diseases to other patients.

All medical gloves are disposable, which means they must be carefully disposed in the bin after use. These gloves are differentiated on the basis of polymers which they are made of. They come powdered or unpowdered with cornstarch, which makes it easier for doctors and nurses to wear them. Following are different types of medical gloves available on market:

Medical Latex Gloves

Medical latex gloves have been the traditional and trusted choice of the health care industry for over 100 years now. The sky rocketing demand of latex gloves in the mid 1900’s happened because of increased public awareness of HIV and other risks healthcare professionals faced. Made of latex, natural rubber, these gloves have strength, comfort and dexterity. Though over a century old medical latex gloves are still unmatchable when it comes to durability, sensitivity, comfort and fitting. Though they have their own advantages, an increasing number of health care workers have complained of latex allergy.

Medical Vinyl Gloves

With reports reading that almost 17% of health care workers are affected by latex induced allergies, there is an increase in demand for medical gloves that were latex-free. This was precisely the moment when medical vinyl gloves came into foray. Replacing latex gloves with vinyl gloves has made the clinical environment safer for staff as well as patients. Today, vinyl gloves are stretchable and provide protection that is comparable to latex gloves. Made of polyvinyl chloride(PVC), these gloves ensure that standard barrier of protection is maintained. Safe to be used in normal hospital environment, medical vinyl gloves only provide protection from weak chemicals. This means that they should not be used in high-risk conditions or while handling powerful drugs. Disposable Vinyl Gloves are most appreciated by cost conscious facilities, because of their economical prices.

Medical Nitrile Gloves

Of late, the popularity of medical nitrile gloves has risen to become the first choice for nurses and doctors, when it comes to latex-free gloves. The big advantage Nitrile gloves have over vinyl gloves is its resilience, which allows nitrile gloves to work well in harsh, high-stress environment, thus, making them perfect for handling toxic and powerful chemicals such as chemotherapy drugs. Made from nitrile, these gloves provide excellent protection against wide range of chemicals as well as blood-borne pathogens.

If you’re unsure how or where to purchase trusted medical gloves, various medical equipment suppliers can be contacted. They will not only assist you with your queries, but will also deliver required products at your doorsteps.

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