Summer is just around the corner, and has us daydreaming about the sun and the beach. Gleam is an amazing makeup line designed by Melanie Mills who is one of Hollywood’s leading style-makers and beauty consultants. Glittering cheeks and intense highlights have been in the order of the day of which i subscribe too however, sometimes a subtle/satin finish is more than enough which is exactly what Rose Gold Deluxe (and the rest of Melanie Mills Hollywood line) gives to the skin. The finish and texture are pure perfection. Unlike most highlighting products in the market, it’s not infused with chunky glitter, which is something I appreciate. It has a slight amount of shimmer and leaves the skin with a natural “glow from within” – the perfect amount of radiance! The I woke up like this typa glow!

melanie mills hollywood

melanie mills hollywoodThe Melanie mills Hollywood It’s not heavy or sticky on the skin, either, and blends effortlessly. The best part? Once it’s dry, it stays put all day. It has a subtle scent which is not over bearing or irritational.

The body radiance is great on its own, but it layers beautifully with other highlighting products (especially powders) if you are in the mood for a more intense glow. My favorite way to use Rose Gold Deluxe is to apply on top of my primer, then add foundation over top. It truly does make the skin look glowy and flawless!

melanie mills hollywood

Where to buy Melanie mills Hollywood in Nigeria

Now to the best part of the news! I received this from BEEOLA BEAUTY which is an online retail store in Nigeria and they are the Official Distributor for Melanie Mills here! What does this mean? You get the best and unbeatable rates at this store! They come in 1oz as well as 3.4oz and also in bundle sets!

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