I am starting to create morning and evening skincare regimes. I have always been someone blessed with good skin (Normal + Dry combination), also being someone that rarely ever broke out with pimple and other skin issues except when I had specific food or a new makeup allergies. I could hardly commit to any routine, while I enjoy getting my glam on in the mornings and all the daily challenges that come with the radiation, pollution and dehydration, It was highly essential that I had a skincare regime going on.

I found out about Oriflame about a year back, they seemed to be making waves here in Nigeria and recently I decided to try out their Pure Skin Face Toner and Fairness Balancing Cleanser.



Help tighten pores and reduce pore size. Leaves skin feeling fresh and clean, tones without drying it out.

It does work and has helped me clear out most of my hyper-pigmentation, I used to be very uncomfortable to go out makeup free without partially covering my face behind sunglasses, hair or hats but now I am somewhat comfortable. I use this only at night after I have removed my makeup and cleansed my face. It really has cleaned out my skin.

Price: N1690



A gentle soap-free solution for effective skin cleansing. Promotes lighter complexion and leaves your skin matte and fresh. Recommended for oily skin.

Effective Cleansing yes, it promotes lightening but I am still #Teammelanin but your skin would thank you for this purchases. It leaves your skin feeling like a baby’s bottom no jokes!

Price: N1690

You can purchase all Oriflame’s product here

I am in search of a really good eye cream and peel off face mask, If you have tried anyone please commend below!


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