Hello guys, I’m sure everyone is itching to know what chapter10 is … Toke has been someone I have followed almost religiously I just love her bubbly personality, I used to watch her YouTube Vlogs, they just made me laugh and how she had the mindset of a ‘typical’ African girl and all that, Hearing her relationship fiasco (10 years), her ‘secret wedding’, I could have sworn there was more to this.

Hellurr your vlogs and wedding didn’t match up, then there came the break up and BOOM … ears to the ground! Nigerians like gist and Toke delivers gist, Let’s see what her book was all about and how I feel about it…

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Hello guys, long time no style post. Getting my blogging mojo back on required the assistance of my ‘soon to be blogger’ friend hurling me out of bed on a cozy Saturday morning, but it was worth every bit; Check out his Instagram page here, We did not even plan a theme, but he sure came prepared, fashion minded people are always in sync. Wanna know all about my Sammydress haul? Big shout out to all readers and supporters, we hit 12,000 views!!!

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I don’t know whether I should be proud or ashamed of the amount of makeup products I own (both bought and gifted), but here is one product I can’t seem to get enough of…

I thought it was about time I started doing in-depth review on my favorite products, where you can buy them, and what they’re best for, why I love them, and why you should too (pending on the time i get my camera gear ready for YouTube).

I mean, that kind of justifies that amount I have, right?

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