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PIXI BEAUTY SKINTREATS (PR Unboxing + First Impressions)

I got on PIXI Beauty PR List! Hey familia, welcome officially to the month of July even though we are half way through it. Got the best news this month, I’m on the PIXI Beauty PR List. This means a lot to me, not only are their products great, one of my first international brand additions!

pixi beauty

Today would be a general overview, this Pixi Beauty set contains the NEW Vitamin-C Collection. With a potent brightening effect, combined with powerful antioxidant protection and clarifying properties, Vitamin -c is one of the hardest working skincare ingredients. Experience refreshing orange blossom and zest grapefruit and all the amazing beautifying benefits that they bring.

I can’t give in too much on the products yet, but I would be updating you over the next couple of weeks on how they have fared!

What have you tried from this collection or Pixi Beauty in general? Catch up to my previous post here

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