I personally do not think I have a more flattering nude in my stash than the BlushKrush Cosmetics Velvet Lipstain . Yes I said it!, apologies to my other favorite nude lippies. BlushKrush Cosmetics has totally captured my heart from their Neutral Eyeshadow Palette to their Versablushers.


Let us just start with the packaging, the matte black colour, minimal style is a win-win. It’s makeup and would get foundation/eyeshadow/powder stains. I find white intolerable personally, being a woman of color it is so hard finding the perfect nude shade. One that does not require lining of the lips or outlining with a darker shade for more dimension. Upon application it was love at first sight, from the applicator itself to the formula. Indeed, one of the best I have ever tried and I see why a lot of brands are putting out newer Suede and Velvet textures as opposed to the regular mattes.

There is  a very slight scent, not disturbing and it goes away fast. I love this lipstain because it does not wear off.  Lots of lipstains claim endless hours of wear once you eat, you begin to doubt if you actually wore a lipstain prior. After eating with this one and it was still there. I went to re-apply after eating and I was shocked because of the light formula I thought it had all gone away… WRONG. Although as you go about your day the middle fades lightly like a 5% fade which is not too noticeable.

I love the the price point N3000  which is a decent price point for the kind of lipstain you are getting.  This lipstain would easily compete by far with most high-end lippies.

  BlushKrush Velvet Lipstain


BlushKrush Cosmetics Velvet Lipstain



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