compression garment


Although, compression garment and shapewear can be similar. There are key features that set them apart. While they exert tension a particular area of the body (usually the midsection), compression garments do not function in the same way and neither is its purpose solely cosmetic.

Over the past years, undergarment has gained popularity and also brought a significant change in the world of fashion. It began as a single slimming garment, but has morphed into something more exciting. Undergarments are available in a diverse range of options; from styles, fabrics, shapes, colors, and function. Well, some people may know what undergarment is but are usually clueless when it comes to function. undergarment has has become one of the important wardrobe categories for women and even men these days.

For some full body compression garment are designed to tackle the symptoms of a serious medical condition. In some instances, they are recommended to assist patient’s recovery after surgical procedures by encouraging healthy drainage while wounds heal. Thus reducing swelling.

Shapewear is popular, but it serves no active health purpose. Rather, full body shaper controls and apportions flesh in an attempt to improve the user’s physique appearance and help clothing look seamless and feel more tailored.

On the other hand and the most popular of all; waist trainers. They are made from firm light latex material that sculpts your curves with extra compression as well as boning and fastening zippers or hook-and-eye closures. They usually have boning at intervals which helps create that stunning hourglass figure while also improving your posture. These work perfect for slim to plus size bodies. Plus size waist trainer is a great investments and essentials to looking good as a plus size individual.

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