New, New from one of my favourite Nigerian brand, Taos Cosmetics. They launched this liquid glasses last week and the buzz on them have been exceedingly great.


The new lip range includes four distinct shades. From shade to name selection, you can tell this range has been carefully thought out; names like Creme brulee, Caramel Flakes not your typical Nigerian product names.


Creme Brulee: flesh toned nude gloss

Caramel Flakes: Golden lip topper, can be worn alone or layered over another lip stain

Sweet Tooth: A pinky toned gloss

Sugar n Spice: A deep red toned gloss


I love the packaging of the lip glasses, though they come in the regular glass bottle as the other lip ranges from Taos have come in with an applicator. the exterior packaging is so girly with the pink and white combination. The lip glasses are so pigmented and they are not sticky. You would get a 6-8 hour wear if you are not eating, also I would say there is no alarming smell.

They retail for N3000 and can be purchased here

It is definitely worth indulging in, what’s summer without your lip gloss popping?

What shade is your favourite? Comment down below… I am certainly at cross roads as I can’t pick a favourite.

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