With physical meetings and summer weddings creeping back into our, It is expected of your shapewear collection to grow. Post covid has majority of us a few pounds heavier smoothing out the bumps and lumps and rolls would immediately transform any look and even boost our confidence!


For the past two years, since COVID 19 hit the world. Getting dressed simply implied a pair of sweat pants an a t-shirt. Now that pandemic has run its course people are going out more. Which means more outwear outfits. 


Shapewear is non invasive option of flattering your natural curves while smoothing out trouble spots. The right shapewear makes you feel more confident and attractive. These desirable results have put shapewear on track to be one of the biggest fashion trends in 2022. 

The best shapewear for women is a foundation garment that is made of spandex and nylon. These two materials work together to create an undergarment that gives you a balance of compression and comfort.

It can touch up trouble spots while accentuating your curves. Additionally, the combination of spandex and nylon produces a smoothing effect on your overall body that gives you a flawless silhouette. Shapewear lets you confidently make bold fashion choices that flatter and bring attention to your natural contour.

The shapewear before and after differs depending on the style get. They offer different levels of compression strength. The higher the level of compression, the more shaping you see. The three basic options for compression are:

  • Low compression: This is best for creating a smooth silhouette although it does not offer much compression. This is more desirable because it is comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  • Medium compression: If you want to accentuate your shape by adding subtle contours, medium compression is a good choice. At this level, the shapewear can smoothen trouble spots to enhance the natural existing curves of your body. This can be achieved with shapewear bodysuits
  • High compression: For more structured clothing, high-compression style are more desirable as it provides firmness and has an obvious sculpting effect.

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