Those of you who know me personally would attest to how obsessed I have been with makeup lately, for the longest I have been wanting to share my makeup looks with you but I lacked the right gadgets to capture the looks.

Fast forward to many months later I discovered UBERCHICVILLE on my explore page and also my blogger babes COLOURSBYRAY and BEAUTYFRENZY swear by their glitter, so I decided to give them a try since they recently just stocked on the selfie ring lights which is quite affordable.

Browsing through their website was smooth, making my choice was harder, the glitters were so pretty and they also came in ‘loose’ and ‘pressed’ form. I know how hasty and messy I could be so I picked the ‘pressed’ form. I don’t even know which I was more excited for the glitter or the selfie light.



Uberchicville – “Our Pressed Glitters are mess free and removes the need for glitter glue or adhesives. Perfect for those who can’t handle the mess of loose glitters with same sparkling effect. These come in 29mm pans and can be added to a magnetic palette. Each colour/pan is sold individually; To Use: Gently press into the pans with fingers or a brush, A little goes a long way”

This is my very first glitter owned so I don’t really have a standard to compare it to. But the pigmentation is insane guys, absolutely! And yes you do not require a glitter glue or some sort of adhesive, but it does transfer a tiny little bit that can be corrected with a tape. The pan is quite small but glitters are not an everyday affair, so it should not be a problem and a little goes a long way. They retail for N750 which is okay and I purchased mine during the VALS day sale so I had 14% off win-win!

Quality: 5/5

Price: 5/5

Here is a look I created with the glitter.



I would do a series featuring this glitter soon, so follow me on Instagram to get the scoop



Uberchichville – “You can finally get the perfect lighting you need to create amazing photos and Videos with the UCV  Selfie Ring Light, Clips on to any Smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad while being small and portable enough to fit in your purse or handbag. The UCV  Selfie Ring Light is excellent for taking Photos & Videos. Universal Clip On Attaches to any smartphone or tablet Front or Rear Camera. 3 staged lighting adjustment,  Low, Medium, High for the perfect lighting amount you need. USB Rechargeable – Charger Cable included.”

I do not need to say much, If you follow me on on Instagram, you would have noticed the difference in my photos. But it is a really good equipment to amp your lighting game as a blogger or general socialite. They also help me in taking amazing flatlays! It was about N8500, I’m just wishing it was a tad bit cheaper.

Quality: 4/5

Price: 4/5

If you have tried Uberchicville glitter, what is your favorite shade?


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