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Zaron Cosmetics as a brand is one of the first Nigerian brands I tried out when I initially fell in love in makeup. I pretty much do have  a bunch of their products from primer, setting spray, eyeshadow trio, lipsticks, lip pencils and I am still looking to try out more of their product because they deliver and the price point is  reasonable.


The Zaron eye definer comes in a compact casing with two pans of a  mocha brown shade and a brown-black shade. Also has a little mirror which can literally see nothing and two little brushes; one is a double sided applicator with an angled brush end and a study blending brush end while the other is a spooley (mascara) brush. This product is a 1-palette-for-all and initially I was skeptical about it. Uhm… excuse me, melanin barbie 95% how would this extend to cater my skin range. I have been holy grail for the longest time on Davis eye pencil in color ‘3’, lets not begin to say how cheap it is I mean N100.

So this eye definer for me was hard to try. I started using it Summer ’16 and nothing has touched my brows ever since, it is super customizable and would be perfect for everyone to have in their stash. I even mix both shades depending on how dark I want my brows or how natural looking.


It retails for N1725

Quality: 4/5

Price: 4/5

You can purchase at

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