Hello guys, I have been away for a hot minute… Life happened (basically my summer internship) and it is sucking away all my time. today I’m back with a review of the Zaron Volumizing Mascara which I received in a package from the brand alongside some other products that I can’t wait to try.

zaron 2

The matte black packaging of the mascara is a win-win, seems antidote to stains. It adds volume without making the lashes unnecessarily clumpy alongside a decent length. The brush head is huge probably the largest I’ve ever seen on a mascara. It’s works perfectly for top lashes but can be quite a hassle for bottom lashes but I did use it only very carefully.

zaron 3

zaron 1

Personally, I love how it adds both volume and length to the lashes. It is a mascara that definitely lives up to its claims of being volumizing, not so many do and most beauty enthusiast with non-problematic lashes always have falsies on anyway.  I would definitely recommend it, looked it up on the website and it comes in a blue color as well.

Price: N2,450

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Zaron Volumizing Mascara

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